RPA (Robotic Process Automation)


to combine or coordinate the activity of (two or more agents) to produce a joint effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

What is RPA?

• RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. 

It is simple digital automations (bots) which mimic human actions – similar in some respects to a spreadsheet macro, but with more advanced features. For example it can cut and paste information from a spreadsheet or a document, then connect to an application, generate an invoice, send an email etc. It can do this over any platform, be it web portal, a SAP system, a citrix session, etc.

Is RPA like Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

• Not really – RPA sits somewhere between the spreadsheet macro analogy and AI such as machine learning. 

While RPA can include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) most RPA Use cases tend to be dumb automations which just mimic repetitive human actions. It is less robot and more just a digital assistant. At Synergise Solutions, we can offer everything from basic RPA and bespoke automation, to OCR, chat box and machine learning.

Is It Safe?

• Yes, completely. 

RPA connects to any application in the same manner as a human, with any Username and passwords fully encrypted and securely stored. 
All existing company security and compliance standards are fully met and all actions taken by a bot are completely audit trailed and strictly restricted to those agreed, configured , tested and signed off.

Why use RPA?

• It offers many benefits including;

o Reduced labour costs
o Reduced process and lead times (with 24/7 operation)
o Ability to quickly clear backlogs of work
o Increased quality
o Improved compliance

Whilst all the above are true, perhaps RPA greatest benefit, is the opportunity it provides individuals to do something less boring and much
more meaningful and rewarding, than low level highly repetitive tasks. This freedom adds real value to both the employee and the organisation.

Which Business Sector or department is most suited to RPA?

• RPA can be applied to any organisation, large or small and across any business sector where repetitive digital tasks are performed.

Front Office, Back Office, HR, Finance, even IT departments, can be ideal candidates for RPA.

How is RPA implemented?

• An RPA implementation tends to be either “Attended” or “Unattended”. 

Attended being when the bot just sits on the User’s desktop machine and can be set in motion by its human master at any time or step during a process. 

Unattended is where the bot sits on a server (either on prem or hosted externally) and connects via firewall to the application in the same manner as a human. The execution of the bots actions can be scheduled to run at any time (often out with working hours) and controlled by a conductor.

How long does it take to implement?

• Once the design pattern (Attended or Unattended) has been agreed, an automation can be designed and built ready to run within just a few weeks or less (dependent upon complexity).

Which is the best RPA solution on the market?

• There’s no easy answer to this, as there are many RPA offerings available in today’s market, each with their own pros and cons to consider. 

At Synergise Solutions we are completely solution agnostic and can offer the best RPA solution for your own organisation’s unique requirements. We look at both the big picture, as well as the fine detail, to ensure you are given the optimum solution for you – not one that's just okay.

What is the cost?

• There are one off fixed set up costs and associated ongoing variable costs, dependent on the process in question. If we can’t get a process to pay for itself within 6 months, we don’t touch it.

We strive to always be flexible in every aspect of what we do and are happy to tailor fit both the best RPA offering and cost model specifically to you. 

We also offer a zero upfront cost option, with an agreed percentage split of the monthly cost savings.

What if my business process changes?

• In the event of a business process change or some aspect of an application changes (for example, a new button is added to a screen) we can accommodate it and will make all related code changes (within common sense limits).

Is any process suitable for RPA?

• No, not all processes are suitable for RPA. 

RPA is not a panacea, if it’s not the best solution for a given problem, we will tell you. An ideal candidate, is one having clearly understood decision and action points, uses structured data, is highly repetitive and tends not to change that often. 

Just taking any existing process and automating it, is not the answer. We will examine and define your existing process, apply lean techniques and drive out every non value aspect. Then if appropriate, we will automate it.

Can my organisation implement RPA on it's own?

• Of course it can.

Every organisation is unique, with it’s own strategy, people, business processes, systems and challenges.  Some organisations have invested heavily in one RPA solution or another and have set up large analysis, development, test and support teams successfully.

We however realize that this can be a headache and both a high cost and a high risk option for others. As such, we can take care of solution selection, hosting and compliance, licensing, analysis, build, test, support.

We take the risk. Jointly we share the benefits.

Synergise Solutions

Next Steps

Stage 1

We offer a free on-site RPA overview, demo and discussion of how we might help you on your process improvement journey. 

Stage 2
For a fixed fee, we can conduct an enterprise wide Business process RPA assessment, define a high level strategy and business case, including a target candidate business process list* and produce a Proof of concept (PoC) using your actual processes, applications and systems.

Stage 3
This involves taking the candidate list* defined previously and for each process, conduct a deep dive analysis to produce an estimated cost and
delivery timescale.

This can then be progressed on either a fixed cost or shared cost saving basis.

Stage 4

We continue to support and maintain your RPA solution to ensure optimum performance.

You fully realise the benefits.

Further questions

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